The ARC COSMOS Program is our most popular course and a great option for those looking for a group AND personalized guided entry into cryptocurrency. You will meet once a week with both your ARC group instructor and your one-on-one educator to learn how to use your crypto assets, as well as on the ARC tele-learning platform to learn on-demand. Take advantage of live ARC events like the ARC Saturday School & Late Nights with Swami to learn the latest plays in crypto. Get plugged into an active and robust community for crypto 24/7. Take away practical supporting materials and a hardware ledger wallet to safeguard your assets. Be personally mentored through safe, secure entry into the market and the use of decentralized finance.


The ARC APEX Academy is for people who want a robust community-oriented educational experience. In this dynamic group environment, learn in ARC live events such as group lessons and workshops. Participate in other live ARC events like the ARC Saturday School & Late Nights with Swami to learn the latest plays in crypto. In addition to real time interaction you can take self-paced courses and refreshers on the ARC tele-learning platform. Get plugged into an active and robust community talking crypto 24/7. Take away practical supporting materials and a hardware ledger wallet to safeguard your assets. Learn protocols to regain control of your finances in an active real time group experience.


Open to the public, the ARC Single-Day Workshops invite prospective and active investors of all experience levels into the world of crypto currency and decentralized finance. These dynamic workshops are delivered in an educational format focusing on thoughtful investment strategies with protocols to safeguard your assets, while generating passive income to maximize your return on investment. Participants take away a roadmap for entry into speculating, investing and accumulating earnings with real time information that empowers anyone to become their own bank. 

Coming soon, learn more at our next events in MIAMI and NEWPORT BEACH with Swami Crypto and guest expert Jack McColl. Hot topics include fast track strategies for acquiring $100K+ business credit at 0% interest without personal impact to your credit score; while leveraging that credit in de-fi investments for low-risk, high-reward finance vehicles to create passive income.


Enter new dimensions where massive and long-lasting up-leveling happens. ARC Dimensions Masterminds are three day events designed to help you understand how to leverage credit stacking and cryptocurrency to generate passive income for a better quality of life. These are all-inclusive events with multiple guest speakers who deliver their expertise, fresh strategies & leading edge content for a unique and beneficial program.

Attendees enjoy a fully-catered learning experience which includes lodging and transportation in different locales each time. No two masterminds are alike and offer a variety of extra-curricular activities inspired by the regional culture to encourage community and experience. An innovative opportunity for anyone who wants to up-level their personal finances to escape the oppression of traditional finance.


Leave traditional and restrictive finance behind listening in on the ARC Saturday School, a weekly online community forum for ARC students. Swami Crypto offers his insights on crypto as a whole, including information about the latest plays in crypto, new different crypto projects and news affecting the crypto market in real time. Get the inside track on what we do to generate passive income from crypto, learning from expert guests who focus on topics like NFT gaming, de-fi protocols and tax strategy. ARC and Swami Crypto are committed to serving the ARC community with hot topics so you can experience true financial freedom.


Crypto gaming as a play-to-earn model is the latest trend in the gaming industry. It promotes community building and provides financial benefits to those players who add value through their contributions to the game world. Participate in our open forum the ARC Play-to-Earn Community for the latest news and innovations in crypto & NFT gaming. Get the latest information leveraging a play-to-earn strategy and see it in action with current popular blockchain games played today. Take away strategies on how to play for yourself as well as having others play on your behalf. 


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