The ARC "Earn While You Learn"

Affiliate Program

Now you can get paid for enrolling others into our programs

All of us at ARC understand the importance of learning within a dynamic environment. Our community provides a space and a structure for people to align around the shared goal of learning crypto while enabling participants to share results and learn from each other. Together, this allows all of us to achieve rapid and significant progress.

Become an ARC Affiliate Partner today and have a real impact on your wallet AND our community!

Quick Glance FAQ

How do I start?

Becoming part of our program is very simple. Just log in or register with our affiliate platform by clicking the button above. When you receive your unique affiliate link, promote ARC on your website, blog or social media and earn a 5% commission for each sale. You can even login to your affiliate dashboard to check your progress!

How much and when do I get paid?

ARC pays a base 5% of the sale amount from each customer referred to our site from your link. Because all sales must first clear our refund policy procedures, you can expect payment to your PayPal account to occur within 30 -45 days after a purchase. We know the first window takes a little time but as you sign up new students on an on-going basis, you'll receive on-going payments.

Am I paid in crypto or USD?

Our affiliate system is set up to pay in crypto, specifically USDC.

How can I be sure I get credit for the sale?

When you extend your unique affiliate link to others, and they click on it, it installs a "cookie" on their system for 90 days. As long as they sign up within 90 days while that "cookie" is present, you will get credit for the sale. You can always track this on your own affiliate dashboard upon logging in.

If by chance, that "cookie" is cleared off and someone still signs up and you are certain that was by your actions, please send an email to info@arcrypto.io and we will investigate accordingly. We want to pay out commissions!

What am I allowed to do and not do while promoting your programs?

It is very important that you read our legal terms by clicking the button above. When you sign up, please consider yourself an ambassador of our programs and act accordingly. If we feel this is not being followed, we do reserve the right to remove you and your link from the affiliate program.

Is there a cost to become an affiliate?

There is no charge to become an affiliate but you must be a current student of ARC. This is important because we want you to be an example of the success of our programs and share that experience with others.

Can I join your affiliate program if I am outside the United States?

Yes! We welcome international affiliates. Just be sure you are a current student of ARC and you have a PayPal account to receive payments in USD.

How do I contact you if I have additional questions?

Please send an email to: info@arcrypto.io and we will get back to you promptly.


8200 NW 41st St

Ste 315

Doral FL 33166

United States

(305) 934-7090


8200 NW 41st St

Ste 315

Doral FL 33166

United States

(305) 934-7090

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