The ARC Story

Gven Sariol and Jethro Magat started the ARC in January of 2018 at the tail end of the 2016-2018 bull run and never thought it would morph into what it has become today. After experiencing some initial temporary setbacks, Gven went on sabbatical and experienced an epiphany that changed the course of ARC for good. 

Realizing that the cryptocurrency market was about to erupt on a massive scale, Gven and Jet knew that their business of teaching people cryptocurrency was far from over. Both Gven and Jet saw the inequities that the current fiat currency system had, and knew that crypto could solve many aspects of this unbalanced and unfair system. 

After this epiphany, Gven and Jet started looking into the different ways that people could make money in crypto as passively as possible, when DEFI changed everything. In June of 2020 Gven completed his sabbatical and decided to embark on a move to Miami, later spontaneously deciding to stay in Denver. This was where the ARC began its initial roots, with three of its first team members.

As time passed, Gven and the ARC began to refine what they were teaching into a format that was so easy anyone could learn, despite how complex crypto can be. As the DEFI sector began to mature, the ARC began to add staff members from within.

Slowly. By the end of 2021 the ARC started gaining a lot of steam and went from a $30,000 per month business at its highest in June, to a $400,000 per month business in November of 2021. As of January 2022 the ARC has trained the brightest students, formulating a new more effective way to teach and is now taking our onboarding of new students and education to the next level.

The ARC was not created solely for profit. Gven and Jet started the ARC with one primary intention: to bring as many people as possible to crypto so they can have the opportunity to even out the playing field instead of being at the mercy of the government, banks and institutions. The ARC aims to be an authority in DEFI and the crypto community, operating as experts in this field with the highest integrity in the business. 


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